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The desire to spread or scatter the ashes of a loved one upon the waters of Long Island Sound is an increasingly popular choice. Many of our clients have chosen this method of final placement of the ashes for various reasons to include love of nature, the Norwalk Islands, the sea, being uncomfortable with the idea of a formal cemetery burial, etc. We offer two options:


  • We provide a respectful, dignified sea scattering service 3 miles from either Peck Ledge Light in Westport, CT or Greens Ledge Light off Norwalk, CT. We depart port from the Rex Marine Center and travel south a minimum distance of 3 miles as required by US Code (40CFR229.1). Following the scattering, we will place flowers on the water to mark the spot and photograph the location for you. We record the exact longitude & latitude coordinates which are provided to you in the form of a certificate suitable for framing. The family does not attend this placement.
  • Fuel, surcharges and gratuity not included.

Cost for Unattended Ocean Scattering: $250


  • For up to 8 passsengers.
  • We provide for a private charter vessel and captain to take up to 8 attendees out for the scattering service locally in Long Island Sound. Your experienced captain will bring you to a location 3 miles off shore and help you in any way he can. His experience in these private family matters will provide for a level of comfort as he will know how to anchor the boat out of the wind, and can also play music for your memorial from your MP3 player or CD. He can also help with the laying of wreaths and photography while you and your loved ones watch on.  If you require room for additional attendees, a second vessel may be arranged at an additional fee.
  • Fuel, surcharges and gratuity not included.

Cost for Attended Ocean Scattering: $425

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